5G Changes Everything

We are nearing a tipping point. Within a decade, the global media industry stands to gain $1.3 trillion from 5G. Will you be prepared to grab your share?

5G Is Not Just Another G

5G is not just a next generation of wireless technology — its speed and capacity are transformational, delivering orders of magnitude better performance to support the coming content delivery demands.

5g Diagram

4 Ways 5G Will Transform Our Lives


Mobile Will Dominate Our Lives

By 2020, researchers predict 90% of those in western countries over the age of 6 years will have a phone. Almost all internet will be wireless. Certain industries will only exist in the mobile domain — no storefronts or traditional websites. Just a mobile app will run entire industries.

Over the coming decade, 5G will significantly alter how we experience a wide range of day-to-day activities. As the introduction of 5G transforms cloud and computing architectures — increasing mobile delivery speeds and lowering latency for so many of today's critical services — it is also transforming our lives.


Immersive Experiences Everywhere

In a 5G world, screen interaction is replaced by immersion. Augmented reality will be everywhere, offering seamless cloud and device interaction. Your windshield, glasses, windows and more will be AR screens.


Pervasive Internet of Things

IoT — connected and smart things (cars, homes, devices, appliances) will be strapped to our wrists, embedded in our clothes and within arms reach all day, everyday.


Expanding Reach and New Applications

The addressable market will increase with a deeper reach in served markets and a broader reach into new markets. Currently untapped applications will emerge, such as holograms and volumetric 360 video.

5G Will Enable the 4th Industrial Revolution

Yes. It's that big!

Industry 1.0 Icon


Mechanization, steam power, weaving loom

Much like steam power changed our way of life in the 18th centry to drive Industry 1.0


Mass production, assembly line, electrical energy

And electricy fueled transformation in the early 20th century creating Industry 2.0

Industry 2.0 Icon
Industry 3.0 Icon


Automation, computers, and electronics

And just as computing profoundly impacted our lives in the 1970s as the foundation for Industry 3.0


Cyber physical systems, internet of things, networks

We can expect 5G will be the catalyst — or killer app — for Industry 4.0, which will be defined by ubiquitous connectivity.

Industry 4.0 Icon

And the pace of change continues to accelerate!

5G Means New Business Models and Revenue

As consumer demand rises for these transformational experiences, new, high-yield business models are emerging, impacting the economics of an array of industries.

Fixed Wireless Icon

Fixed Wireless

5G's high speeds mean wireless will replace traditional fixed broadband services in many regions around the world. 5G will compete with traditional cable and DSL broadband ISP services and win. This means new revenue for wireless service providers.

Edge Computing Icon

Edge Computing / IOT

5G's capability to manage 100 times the number of mobile devices coupled with 5G's low latency of 1ms will enable a multitude of IoT use cases from smart appliances in the home to drones to autonomous vehicles. The new devices and the consumers who use them will open the door to new business models and revenue for service providers.

Video Delivery Icon

Video Delivery

5G's high speeds and low latency will enable streaming video at a scale that would have been unimaginable in a 4G world. 5G will support massive live streaming events and new streaming use cases, such as 8K video.

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