Content delivery sharing for content publishers

A completely new approach to content delivery

Content Delivery Sharing Changes Everything

When you need low latency, high quality delivery from deep within last mile ISP networks, content delivery sharing is the answer. We’ve created a new way to deliver content and it’s only possible through our partnerships with service providers. Instead of using content servers placed by CDN operators at the core side of ISP networks, Content Delivery Sharing utilizes ISP-owned servers placed at the access side of their network. The outcome is network offload and cost savings for the ISP by placing content close to end users. This gives publishers unmatched performance and cost. Content delivery sharing is a transformational model in which both service providers and publishers win.

The Content Delivery Sharing Advantage

Content Delivery Sharing means your content is delivered from deep in the ISP network – the true edge:

  • Delivery from deep inside the last mile network where no other third party CDN has access
  • Bypass the congestion and capacity constraints upstream
  • A new model for media delivery that offers significant price and performance advantages

Content Delivery Sharing offers a business and operational model that can’t be matched by commercial CDNs:

  • Higher quality
  • More edge capacity
  • Greater value and lower cost

Content Delivery Sharing is unique:

  • Carrier grade delivery and reliability
  • Deep partnerships with ISPs offer an architecture and cost model that other CDNs can’t match
  • Based on Open Caching specifications developed by the Streaming Video Alliance

Content Delivery Sharing
A new way to deliver content

Content Publisher Benefits

Finally, a model for content delivery that makes sense. Content Delivery Sharing means each service provider deploys and operates the edge cloud layer needed to support media delivery within their last mile network. They have the incentive to do so because of the infrastructure savings from using edge computing instead of network transport for content delivery. They also share in the monetization benefit. For content publishers, this new model for content delivery means three things – higher quality, more capacity and lower cost. Through a single cloud API, you can access our global footprint of service provider edge cloud deployments. Content Delivery Sharing has arrived.

  • 1

    Higher Quality

    Higher delivery quality in terms of bitrate and latency than traditional commercial CDNs

  • 2

    Visibility and Control

    Publishers define the content to be delivered and control delivery parameters

  • 3

    Global Scale

    Single commercial cloud integration to access all operator networks that have deployed the Open Edge Cloud

Content Providers Diagram

Qwilt Content Delivery Sharing (CDS)

Qwilt’s Content Delivery Sharing is disrupting the content delivery market with a new architecture, value chain and business model that address the emerging content delivery capacity gap.

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Superior Architecture and Proven Operator Capacity and Reliability

True Edge Cloud Diagram

Content Delivery Sharing improves streaming QoE by getting closer to the user

Thousands of edge nodes placed deep in operator networks

Growing global footprint with significant delivery capacity

120+ worldwide service provider deployments that support Content Delivery Sharing

Qwilt Content Delivery Sharing is available in those ISP networks that have deployed and cloud-enabled Qwilt's Open Edge Cloud solution.

Globo Partners with Qwilt

“We chose to partner with Qwilt because of the unique way in which they enable content delivery from within the service provider networks. The business outcomes for Globo are outstanding – we have access to a more scalable content delivery infrastructure and our customers enjoy better streaming quality.”

Wanderley Baccala, CEO of

Providing Data to Any QoE Platform

Our Content Delivery Sharing service supports integration with major commercial load balancing and QoE measurement platforms. We have operational deployments with content publishers that include integration with their commercial or private measurement platforms.

The scope of our support includes

  • Integration with reporting dashboards of leading delegation measurement providers
  • Reporting feeds can be provided for integration with content provider portals
  • Qwilt’s self-serve dashboard provides real-time delivery analytics
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Valve Partners with Qwilt

“We are happy that ISPs have open caching as a content delivery option and working with Qwilt has been a pleasure. Our partnership with Qwilt helps take some of the burden off us connecting directly with ISPs and open caching has the potential to improve customer experience.”

Kassidy Gerber, Business Development and Internet Infrastructure Manager at Valve Corporation

Partner with Qwilt

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