Globo Partners with Qwilt

Content Delivery Sharing Supports Growing Demand for Streaming Video with High Quality and More Capacity

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Verizon deploys Qwilt

Open Caching for Next Gen Content Delivery from the Edge Cloud

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Korea Telecom Partners With Qwilt

Open Caching Content Delivery from KT's 5G MEC Edge Cloud

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Valve Partners With Qwilt

Open Caching Delivery of Steam Software for the PC Gaming Marketplace from the Edge Cloud

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Telecom Italia Deploys Qwilt

Open Caching Content Delivery Across Italy from the Edge Cloud

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We are Qwilt

Qwilt enables a new content and application delivery layer at the true edge of your network. With Qwilt your network is ready to deliver whatever your subscribers want at the best quality possible.


4K video is not just going to transport itself

The only way to scale the network for the demand of millions of consumers watching 4K videos at the same time is by closing the delivery distance gap - the Edge Cloud enables you to do exactly that.

Scale your network today


Time waits for no one

Next generation applications like VR, AR and autonomous cars require split second latency to make them work. The Edge Cloud is the solution.

Content at lightspeed

Solutions for Service Providers and Publishers

Open Edge Cloud for Service Providers

Boldly go where no cloud has gone before

The open edge cloud establishes a sotware layer leveraging standard compute and storage massively distributed at the last mile of service provider networks, creating a powerful content and application delivery solution. Armed with a suite of Open APIs that enable rapid application and content delivery creation, the edge cloud ushers forward the new generation of content delivery - one built for the insatiable performance demands of next-generation applications - while leveraging the unique network capabilities and expertise available at the service provider last-mile network.

This technology platform and approach will enable service providers greater control, flexibility and ability to differentiate with new services.

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Content Delivery Sharing for content publishers

A Completely New Approach to Content Delivery

Content Delivery Sharing is a new service offering for content publishers who require low latency, high quality delivery from deep within last mile ISP networks. Content Delivery Sharing is only possible through Qwilt's unique partnerships with service providers. This new service gives you access to ISP owned and operated content delivery sharing infrastructure that offers true edge delivery performance and scale.

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Partnering for Success

"By implementing Qwilt’s edge cloud solution, we were able to take control of content delivery — the business outcomes are outstanding: we are building a more cost effective, intelligent and resilient network."

John Quinn, CTO - Digicel

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Qwilt is a Founding Member of the Streaming Video Alliance