Dan Sahar October 31st, 2011

By Dan Sahar

The story behind our name and logo

The inspiration for the new Qwilt symbol was a common quilt pattern which forms a diamond shape made from cropped squares. These square shapes also allude to pixels found in any screen-based image or video. The colors were chosen to represent the rgb color system and the use of transparency is a key attribute of Qwilt’s philosophy. The final symbol brings together these elements to create a memorable and modern symbol for Qwilt as it emerges on the market.

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Alon Maor October 19th, 2011

By Alon Maor

Building Qwilt

Building a successful company is a fun and exciting journey that is comprised of so many experiences and challenges in all possible dimensions. Today is yet another exciting day for the team at Qwilt as we are starting to emerge from stealth mode and share our vision with the broader community. As you probably noticed by now from our homepage, we will keep our product under wraps at the moment.

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