Media Delivery Application

Seamlessly cache and deliver popular video and software content in your network

Qwilt's Video Delivery Application - How It Works

Qwilt’s Video Delivery application monitors the network for video traffic, identifies the most popular titles, seamlessly caches them locally, and delivers video content to subscribers from close proximity without having to repeatedly fetch it from either origin sites or remote CDN nodes.

By offloading bandwidth-consuming video content, operators reduce the impact of over-the-top (OTT) traffic, improve subscriber QoE, achieve substantial infrastructure and transit costs savings, and monetize video delivery in their networks.

Cache and Deliver Bandwidth-Intensive Content:

Open Caching Product for Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Content Caching

OTT On-Demand Content

Cache and deliver popular content from the hottest video streaming sites.

Open Caching for Network Operator's Own Video On Demand (VOD) Library

Operator’s VOD Library

Stream on-demand content from the operator’s own VOD library.

Open Caching and Delivery for Live Streaming Video Content

Live Streaming Content

Introducing the first live stream caching solution for online video in the industry.

Open Caching and Delivery for App Downloads and Service Pack and OS Updates

System Updates and Apps

No more network congestion on Patch Tuesdays or iOS launch days.

The Key to Caching Efficiency

Accurate and fast video content classification is the key to maximum caching efficiency and video delivery performance.

Watch Video: Open Caching Deep Video Classification

Live Stream Caching

Introducing the first ever caching solution for live streaming video

Qwilt's Video Delivery Application - How It Works

As we have done so well with all other types of OTT video content, the key to solving this complex problem is to eliminate inefficiency and bring the video content closer to the viewers, at the network edge.

Our video fabric controllers eliminate repetitive streams by caching a single live stream at the operator network’s edge, and delivering it to large numbers of subscribers from close proximity.

Live Stream Cache

Our live stream cache solution is based on our industry-leading open caching and OTT video delivery platform. Learn how it works for caching live streams.

Watch Video: Live Stream Caching

Why Operators Should Deploy

Qwilt’s Video Delivery

Deep Video Content Classification

Qwilt’s Video Fabric Controller leverages the most sophisticated inspection and delivery techniques by engineers who developed some of the earliest application visibility and network control products. Qwilt’s Deep Video Classification Engine relies on a wide array of content analysis techniques for accurate video origin detection and optimized network performance. Our expert Video Signature Research team is focused exclusively on accurately analyzing multiple content formats and origins to ensure that classification and delivery are performed seamlessly, without impacting the network or disrupting content provider business logic – all while delivering the highest possible quality of service for the subscriber.

5x Higher Performance Than Any Competitor

Engineered from the ground up to be a true network device, Qwilt’s QB-Series is the only carrier-grade, purpose-built, high availability Video Fabric Controller in the industry. Unlike the bulky legacy caching solutions that were built for data center environments, the QB-Series is a compact device built for the rigorous demands of subscriber edge deployment within service provider networks, delivering true “five nine” reliability and 24/7 network continuity, without requiring costly upgrades, complex configurations, or introducing a point of failure into the network.

Intelligent Multi-Tier Storage

Caching solutions that use generic storage products require significant tuning for video delivery, inevitably introducing latency, complexity, and additional costs into the delivery process. Qwilt’s unified purpose-built platform uses proprietary logic to optimize all available types of on-board storage specifically for streaming video. In order to seamlessly deliver progressive long-form, short-form, and adaptive bitrate (ABR) streams, Qwilt’s Video Fabric Controller features intelligent, multi-tier storage that is optimized and configured for unique demands of real-time streaming.

Qwilt's QB-Series Leverages Muti-Tier Storage for Optimal Caching and Video Delivery Performance

Optimized Video Delivery

Qwilt’s Video Delivery is a purpose-built, carrier-grade platform designed for maximum delivery of concurrent streams to a large number of end users, while remaining completely transparent to the content providers, networks and subscribers. The integrated, autonomous platform delivers video at least 5 times faster than the bolted-together alternatives, and ensures the highest possible quality of service for the end users. Our products ship with a comprehensive set of pre-configured video delivery policy templates, and our professional services team is available to optimize analysis and delivery to meet the most demanding and unique network requirements.

Qwilt's Open Caching Solution Delivers Highest Quality Video to Service Provider Subscribers