Video Cache Architecture

Software-first architecture designed for the most demanding carrier networks

Qwilt's Video Fabric Controller Combines Open Caching, Video Delivery, and Analytics

At the heart of all Qwilt applications is a purpose-built, carrier-grade software platform engineered specifically for video detection, storage, and delivery designed to run on commodity networking hardware.

The combined result is carrier-grade performance, smaller footprint, low total cost of ownership, seamless network integration, and ease of management.

Open Video Caching and Delivery Platform

Qwilt’s Video Fabric Controller platform handles all types of bandwidth-consuming video content, and benefits all members of the video delivery ecosystem:

Video Fabric Controller - Open Caching, Video Delivery and Video Analytics Platform

We set out to develop a platform specifically for the rigors of large scale open video caching and delivery to create a best-of-breed solution that is truly carrier-grade.

Caching and the Video Delivery Ecosystem

Open caching adds tremendous value for all members of the video delivery chain – creating a symbiotic ecosystem of network operators, content providers, CDN operators, and subscribers.

Watch Video: Open Caching and the Video Delivery Ecosystem


5 Core Architecture Principles

Software-First SDN/NFV Architecture

QwOS is SDN-based software optimized to run on readily available, off-the-shelf commodity systems, leveraging Moore’s law. By focusing our product development efforts on key Video Fabric software functionality – open video caching, delivery, and analysis – we created a best-of-breed software that can run either as an virtualized network function (NFV) or on bare metal COTS hardware. As hardware continually improves and decreases in price over time, our customers enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology and deployment flexibility without the burden of hidden costs of custom hardware.

Video Fabric Controller - Software First Architecture for Video Caching and Delivery

Peak Performance

Qwilt’s QB-Series running QwOS delivers at least 5x the performance per rack unit of any other video delivery vendor, resulting in a smaller footprint and lower TCO than any competing solution. By leveraging integrated video traffic classification function, intelligent multi-tier storage, and software designed specifically for video packet processing, we created a product with an unmatched level of performance for the most bandwidth-intensive carrier networks.

Teleco Grade 5x Faster Performance Than Any Caching Solution

Video Intelligence Inside

Qwilt’s Deep Video Classification Engine is a core component of its unified Video Fabric Controller platform, eliminating the need for costly and complex third party integrations and ensuring that classification and delivery are performed seamlessly, without impacting the network or disrupting content provider business logic or content fidelity. Unlike legacy caching systems that rely on deprecated or cursory classification methods, Qwilt’s platform uses cutting-edge techniques to accurately identify, cache, and deliver online video in the right format and best quality.

Deep Video Content Classification and Analysis for Optimal Caching Performance

Uptime – All the Time

Quality of service and reliability are key differentiators for carriers in today’s highly competitive marketplace, and device failures resulting in loss of services to thousands of customers are simply not an option. QB-Series was architected exclusively for large-scale, mission-critical carrier network environment, delivering true “five nines” uptime and reliability. QwOS’ open video caching and delivery applications are implemented as independent self-contained functional units to ensure the system remains stable and online without impacting other units even in cases of error recovery. In an unlikely event of a hardware failure, Qwilt’s QB-Series is deployed out-of-band, and does not impact the functional state of the network.

Qwilt's QB-Series is a Telco Grade Device Designed for Fine Nines Reliability and High Availability

Designed for Simplicity

Our carrier oriented products are designed from the ground up as if they were consumer products – intuitive and easy to use. From a plug-and-play out of band deployment to pre-configured video management policy templates, we sought to develop carrier-grade products that deliver ROI from the moment they are inserted into the network. Our on-board Video Analytics application is a best-in-class video traffic and trend analysis available in an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface. Qwilt’s integrated, autonomous platform approach minimizes the administrative burden on the network staff, resulting in the lowest TCO in the industry.

Video Fabric Controller

Deployment Options

Each QB-Series Video Fabric Controller is an autonomous node performing all video caching and delivery functions – resulting in a flexible, redundant and high-availability architecture scaled for your network’s needs.

Download the QB-Series Datasheet (PDF) »

Specification QB-200 XL QB-200 QB-50 NFV Open Cache
Classification and Analysis Throughput 35 Gbps 30 Gbps 25 Gbps Platform dependent
Video Delivery Throughput Up to 10 Gbps Up to 10 Gbps Up to 3 Gbps Platform dependent
Storage 43 TB hot-swappable disks. 20 TB hot-swappable disks. 40 TB hot-swappable disks. Platform dependent
Network Interfaces 12 x 10 GbE SFP+ Classification and Analysis Interfaces 8 x 1/10 GbE SFP+ Classification and Analysis Interfaces

Platform dependent
Video Delivery Interfaces 2 x 1/10 GbE SFP+ Classification and Analysis Interfaces

Platform dependent
Power Supply 2 x AC power:100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 12.0-6.5 A. Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies. 2 x AC power: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 9.0-4.5 A. Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies. Platform dependent
Power Consumption 495W typical 450W typical Platform dependent
Rack Support 19″ Rack mount (2ElA Units) Platform dependent
Form Factor 2U Platform dependent

Support for other commercial hardware platforms is available – contact us for more information.

Non-Intrusive Network Deployment

Seamless, out-of-band deployment into any operator network

Qwilt’s Video Fabric Controller is architected with the operator needs in mind, featuring the most seamless network insertion possible – the solution is entirely out-of-band and outside the main data connection flow. This approach ensures true “five nine” reliability and 24/7 network continuity, without costly upgrades, complex configurations, or introducing a point of failure or latency into the network.

Each QB device leverages two sets of interfaces for its regular operation:

Video Analysis Interfaces

Seamlessly analyzes network traffic via passive optical taps connected to the main data link with zero impact to the network, to classify and monitor all online video traffic – without requiring external L7 load balancers or DPI gear. SPAN port deployment is also an option.

Video Delivery Interfaces

Connected to the subscriber-side routers and used for flow redirection as well as video serving. These interfaces are used by the QB-Series to perform redirection and video serving of popular content in a similar fashion to how a CDN video server would.