Video Intelligence

Traffic analysis tools help operators gain visibility into video in their networks

Video Intelligence - Deep Video Classification

Today, the vast majority of carriers have minimal insight into how OTT video is traversing their networks, where it comes from, and the delivery costs it incurs.

By understanding OTT video traffic sources, volumes, consumption and trends, network operators can better manage and monetize video delivery in their networks.

Your Customers Love Online Video

The shift from traditional broadcast television to online video is unstoppable. Consumer demand for streaming video is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Only network operators equipped with the right architecture and tools will have the visibility and control needed to solve the online video problem, These operators will be able to give customers the performance and quality of experience they want.


of viewers are willing to pay for value-added video streaming services.

Monetizing Video Delivery

Open caching and video intelligence let service providers own and monetize online video delivery in their networks.

Video Delivery Monetization with Open Caching

Why Should Network Operators Deploy a

Video Intelligence Solution?

Get To Know Your Subscribers

A comprehensive video intelligence solution can provide operators with a tremendous amount of actionable data about OTT video consumption in their networks, including valuable statistics such as most popular content providers, devices used for streaming, typical consumption trends, and much more. Network operators can leverage this data to develop new consumer packages, premium products, and advertising vehicles.

Operators Can Gain Valuable Insight in Consumption Trends and Monetize Video Delivery With a Video Intelligence Solution

Monetize Video Delivery

Operators who cache and offload video content traffic are vastly improving network services for their customers – and offer premium online video streaming plans for their favorite content, as well as plans for other bandwidth-sensitive services. By harnessing actionable video traffic analytics data and taking over the delivery management function, carriers can pursue extensive integrations with third party content delivery networks (CDNs) and and content providers.

Monetize Video Delivery with Special Promotional Plans and Content Provider and CDN Integrations

Reclaim Your Network

Video is the most bandwidth-consuming application in the network, and carriers are under pressure to continually invest into costly infrastructure upgrades to stay ahead of the demand. Operators can leverage video traffic data to identify consumption trends and affected network segments, and accurately plan their infrastructure expansion and video cache deployment strategy to substantially reduce the amount of OTT traffic in their networks.

Offloading Traffic to Caches Helps Reduce and Minimize Infrastructure Investment Costs

Video Fabric Controller

Next Generation Open Caching

Video Fabric Controller is a SDN-based Open Video Caching and Analytics Platform

Qwilt’s QB-Series Video Fabric Controller combines open caching, media delivery, and analytics in a turnkey, carrier-grade platform designed for caching and delivering OTT on-demand and live-streaming video.

World’s leading cable and broadband service providers rely on Qwilt for managing their video network infrastructure, delivering top quality viewing experience to their subscribers, and preparing their networks for the future of online video.

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