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Student body binge watching “Breaking Bad” Network slowed down to a crawl?
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GCU's Jason Sebastiani on deploying Qwilt's Video Fabric

Today, video is already consuming roughly 70% of your university’s network bandwidth – most of the consumption is for similar, viral content.

By deploying an open caching solution, universities can scale their network efficiently for this demand while understanding OTT video traffic sources, volumes, consumption and trends

Your Students Love Online Video

Student demand for streaming video from sites like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube is growing at a phenomenal rate.

You need the right network architecture in place so that your network can scale for this growing demand while giving your students the performance and quality of experience they want.


is “video time” for most students

We have had Qwilt in place for 6 months.  It’s rock solid.  Currently serves close to 1GBps of video peak per day which is about 65% of our total video.  90% is Netflix.  The iOS 8.0 release was a non-event for us because Qwilt cached it..our average user was able to upgrade in 25 minutes.  Company is small but they are great to work with.  Had it setup in about 2-3 hours and since doesn’t sit in line, no outage putting it in.  Let it sit for a week and “learn” all the stuff to cache, then turned it on and got immediate savingsJason Sebastiani  Principal Network Engineer, GCU

How It Works

Peek under the hood of the world’s most advanced open caching platform in this chalk talk video.

Watch Video: Qwilt's Video Fabric Controller - How It Works

Why Should Universities Deploy an

Open Caching Solution?

Best-in-Class Video Analytics

Qwilt’s QB-Series features the most comprehensive video analytics solution in the industry, providing network operators with detailed metrics and powerful trend analysis to support a wide range of planning, optimization and monetization efforts. Built on the QB-Series’ Online Video Classification Engine to detect video data in the network stream with unparalleled accuracy, Qwilt’s Video Analytics product provides high-level view and in-depth insight into video bandwidth consumption, sessions, consumers and caching performance through a wide range of reports and dashboards, historically and in real time through an intuitive, easy to use web-based interface.

Turnkey Out-of-Band Deployment and Seamless Network Integration

Qwilt’s QB-Series is a turnkey platform that is ready out-of-the-box for plug-and-play insertion into the most complex and demanding network environments. Deployed completely out of band, Qwilt’s platform is completely non-intrusive, does not introduce any latency to the flow of traffic, and will keep the network functional even in the unlikely event of a device failure. Qwilt’s unified solution is completely vendor-agnostic, and does not require special integrations or customization to become a functional component of the existing network infrastructure.

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Lowest TCO and Fastest Time-to-Value

Qwilt’s Video Fabric Controller platform is a purpose-built, turnkey solution that is simple to deploy and manage, and has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and fastest time-to-value in the industry – most of our customers achieve ROI in under 12 months. Qwilt’s platform delivers savings immediately after being deployed into the network. The flexible “pay as you grow” pricing model, optimal subscriber edge deployment approach, and the most comprehensive media and content provider support in the industry deliver ROI to service providers faster than any competitive solution on the market.

Qwilt's Open Cache Delivers Return on Investment In Under 12 Months

Video Fabric Controller

Next Generation Open Caching

Video Fabric Controller is a SDN-based Open Video Caching and Analytics Platform

Qwilt’s QB-Series Video Fabric Controller combines open caching, media delivery, and analytics in a turnkey, carrier-grade platform designed for caching and delivering OTT on-demand and live-streaming video.

World’s leading cable and broadband service providers rely on Qwilt for managing their video network infrastructure, delivering top quality viewing experience to their subscribers, and preparing their networks for the future of online video.

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