Qwilt Sets Open Caching Performance Benchmark in The Tolly Group Test

Telcos, mobile and cable operators face increasing costs of bandwidth delivery needed to meet the demand for online video and a quality viewing experience, while being forced to invest heavily into maintaining their network infrastructure. As a result, a growing number of operators are turning to open caching solutions to reduce the adverse impact of OTT video traffic in their environment.

Qwilt’s QB-Series platforms are designed to assist carriers reduce the impact of OTT video traffic on their networks, improve quality of service for their end users, and prepare their networks for the future of online video.

Qwilt commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance and functionality of their QB-100 in real-world environments. Tolly tests found that the QB-100 2RU open caching and media analytics platform successfully classified over 20 Gbps of network traffic consisting of a mix of video from sites like Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu, among others, HTTP, UDP, and other types of traffic, and delivered 10 Gbps of sustained OTT video traffic to simulated clients.

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