Qwilt's Video Fabric Controllers help carriers reduce the impact of over-the-top (OTT) video traffic on their networks, achieve significant CAPEX and OPEX savings, improve quality of service for their end users, and prepare their networks for the future of online video.

Qwilt's QB-Series Video Fabric Controller combines transparent caching and delivery, and video analytics to monitor the network for video traffic, identify the most popular titles, store them locally, and deliver content to subscribers in close proximity without having to repeatedly fetch it from either origin sites or remote CDN nodes. The result is seamless delivery of most frequently watched video titles in the content originator's fidelity that is completely transparent to the content provider, network, and user - whether it's the latest Hollywood blockbuster, user-generated video, or a title from the carrier's own VOD library.

How It Works

Qwilt's QB-Series is designed for maximum performance and a non-intrusive out-of-band deployment to keep your network up and running. Watch this video to find out how »

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Qwilt's Transparent Caching and Video Delivery Deployment - Step 1 - Identify & Acquire Qwilt's Transparent Caching and Video Delivery Deployment - Step 2 - Detect & Redirect Qwilt's Transparent Caching and Video Delivery Deployment - Step 3 - Deliver Video

The QB-Series continuously monitors the video analysis data line to identify content repeatedly viewed by subscribers, and uses a proprietary popularity prediction algorithm to determine which titles will be most effective to cache. Popular content is transparently acquired and stored locally in an internal database directly from the wire, without requiring a new user-simulated transaction.

As additional subscribers attempt to view content that has already been acquired by the QB-Series, the system sends an HTTP 302 redirect message prompting the client to view the content from a nearby QB-Series device instead of retrieving the content from a remote origin server. The system performs additional validation processes before serving content to consumers, to ensure that content provider business logic is maintained 100% intact.

Consequent subscriber GET requests are served from the local QB-Series device, in the original content provider fidelity and from close proximity to the consumer. The result is significant OPEX and CAPEX savings for network operators, and improved Quality of Experience (QoE) and faster response times for subscribers.

Qwilt's Transparent Caching and Video Delivery Deployment - Step 1 - Identify & Acquire Qwilt's Transparent Caching and Video Delivery Deployment - Step 2 - Detect & Redirect - Step 1 - Identify & Acquire Qwilt's Transparent Caching and Video Delivery Deployment - Step 3 - Deliver Video

The QB-Series maintains a strict decoupling between the video delivery ecosystem’s data (video) and control (authentication, statics, reporting, DRM, etc.) planes. Only video streams are surgically redirected by the QB-Series (the data plane) while all control plane transactions such as statistics, QoE monitoring, ad serving, etc. are left completely untouched and unchanged.

Why Qwilt?

Unified Transparent Caching and Video Delivery and Analytics Platform

Unified Transparent Caching, Video Delivery, and Analytics Platform

Qwilt's solution combines the four core transparent video caching and delivery functions – Classification, Monitoring, Storage, and Optimized Video Delivery - in a purpose-built, carrier-grade, integrated software platform designed to run on readily available commodity hardware. Engineered specifically for high demands of video delivery at the subscriber edge of a carrier network, the QB-Series detects and delivers online video at a rate that is at least 5x higher than any competing solutions, and ensures disruption-free operation in the most bandwidth-intensive network environments.

Highest Transparent Caching Performance and Scalability - 5X Higher Performance Than Any Competitor

Highest Performance and Scalability

Qwilt's QB-Series delivers at least 5x the performance per rack unit of any other video caching vendor, resulting in a smaller footprint than any competing solution. Unlike legacy caching solutions comprised of disparate detection, caching, and storage components, Qwilt's QB-Series does more with less by combining all required functionality into a single, integrated platform that requires a fraction of rack space and power consumption of competing products. The QB-Series is built for the rigorous demands of service provider networks, delivering true "five nine” reliability and 24/7 network continuity.

Qwilt's QB-Series classifies 20G, delivers 10G of data in a performance test - view results »

The Only Transparent Caching Solution with On-Board Deep Traffic Classification

Deep Video Content Analysis

Qwilt's QB-Series is the only video delivery solution with on-board network video traffic classification and monitoring capabilities, eliminating the need for complex and costly 3rd party integrations required by legacy caching vendors. Qwilt's dedicated Video Signature Research team ensures that its Online Video Classification Engine solution proactively identifies and adapts to the rapidly changing media sources and formats, enabling carriers to maintain a robust network while delivering high quality online video to their subscribers every time.

Out-of-Band Deployment and Seamless Integration and Insertion into the Network

Turnkey Out-of-Band Deployment and Seamless Network Integration

Qwilt's QB-Series is a turnkey platform that is ready out-of-the-box for plug-and-play insertion into the most complex and demanding network environments. Deployed completely out of band, Qwilt's platform is completely non-intrusive, does not introduce any latency to the flow of traffic, and will keep the network functional even in the unlikely event of a device failure. Qwilt's unified solution is completely vendor-agnostic, and does not require special integrations or customization to become a functional component of the existing network infrastructure.

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Best-in-Class Video Analytics for Transparent Caching and Video Delivery

Best-in-Class Video Analytics

Qwilt's QB-Series features the most comprehensive video analytics solution in the industry, providing network operators with detailed metrics and powerful trend analysis to support a wide range of planning, optimization and monetization efforts. Built on the QB-Series' Online Video Classification Engine to detect video data in the network stream with unparalleled accuracy, Qwilt's Video Analytics product provides high-level view and in-depth insight into video bandwidth consumption, sessions, consumers and caching performance through a wide range of reports and dashboards, historically and in real time through an intuitive, easy to use web-based interface.

Live Demo of Qwilt's Video Analytics Product »

Discover New Business Opportunities with Transparent Caching and Video Delivery

Discover New Business Opportunities

Qwilt's Video Analytics gives carriers the actionable intelligence and agility to react quickly to changing video traffic trends with real-time insight into video consumption. Network operators can leverage historic and real-time video traffic analysis for strategic and tactical network infrastructure planning. By harnessing the video analytics data, carriers can pursue extensive integrations with third party content delivery networks (CDNs) and and content providers.

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Transparent Caching Solution with Lowest TCO and Fastest Time-to-Value - ROI in 12 Months

Lowest TCO and Fastest Time-to-Value

Qwilt's Video Fabric Controller platform is a purpose-built, turnkey solution that is simple to deploy and manage, and has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and fastest time-to-value in the industry. Qwilt's platform delivers savings immediately after being deployed into the network. The flexible "pay as you grow" pricing model, optimal subscriber edge deployment approach, and the most comprehensive media and content provider support in the industry deliver ROI to service providers faster than any competitive solution on the market.

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